Company Profile

Stanhope Boot & Shoe Man cc was established by Mr Matthew Barnard and Mr Cornelius Barnard in 1950 in Johannesburg, specializing in direct injection footwear manufacturing. In 1955 Stanhope was registered and a (Pty) Ltd and in 1999 Stanhope Boot & Shoe Man cc became a Closed Corporation.

Stanhope relocated to Pinetown, Kwa -Zulu Natal in 1970 for logistic reasons, and progressively expanded into various other areas of footwear manufacturing, offering a wide variety of products to our customers.

Stanhope has a very large customer base in RSA, which includes the major retail groups whom we have been supplying for many years.
In 2000 Stanhope acquired a factory in Lesotho enabling us to provide a better service to all our clients at competitive prices, and in 2004 the complete manufacturing plant was moved to Lesotho. Mr Keith Goss (CFA) SA joined Stanhope as an active Member in 2004.

We have in the past successfully exported to Germany and Botswana – we are currently exporting to Zimbabwe.

Stanhope is presently manufacturing +/- 9000 pairs per day, with the capacity to double production.

With the expertise that we have acquired during our 60 years in the Footwear Industry we are confident that we will be of service to you.